Monday 16 June 2014

3 Must-See Concerts this Summer 2014

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Despite how busy we all are during weekdays, weekends should be solely dedicated to our loves and hobbies whether this is with our family, our friends or even MUSIC! Let’s be perfectly honest, who doesn’t love a bit of music while enjoying quality time with our loved ones? Being the capital city, London is full of wonders and excitement and when it comes to music, it never disappoints! Ranging from amazing street performances, to established acts, there are bound to be something for you beauties out there. Although you may not be able to get tickets to see something like Justin Timeberlake at the O2 Arena, you still get to see a lot of thrilling live music shows for around £20, or even for free!

Rap Along
Mark your calendars ladies – the British Rapper, songwriter and record producer Dizzee Rascal will perform LIVE at Kempton Park on Saturday 6th September, 2014. What is better than a night of good music after an exciting race right? The tickets are £24 (go get yours quickly!) or £34 for the winner package, what’s even better is that for us mummies, there is free entry for children under 5 years old so why don’t we bring the little ones to look at the horses then enjoy a good night out with friends?

Join in the FUN!
There isn’t a place as lively as The Notting Hill Carnival. Being the biggest street festival in Europe, it has plenty to offer - music, dance, food, parades…you name it! It is easily accessible by tube, but it is important to allow extra time as the local tube stations will be closed or incredibly busy. I know what you are thinking; wouldn’t it be inconvenient to bring your kids to such a crowded place? And the answer is no, it wouldn’t, there are two days of carnival (24th & 25th August, 2014) and one of them is Children’s Day where there are children’s group parades which are quieter and more relaxed. So make sure you bring your kids with you to this world-renowned festival and join in the party!

Feeling a bit romantic?
Yes, no matter how enjoyable spending time with our kids is, we all deserve a little break – what about a Monday Night Jam Session at Hideaway? There will be jazz performances from experienced musicians, and what is the best part of it? EVERYONE is welcomed onto the stage to play or sing (drums and piano are provided), regardless of your ability, so no matter what the occasion is. Whether it is your anniversary, chance for a sweet surprise, or you simply need a place to chill and kick away Monday Blues, this is the place for you.
So here is a little guide for some music-related stuff to do in London, with or without your kids! Whether you are the type to join in the performance or just to sit back and relax, this can still give you some ideas! Hope you enjoyed it and see you there!

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