Thursday 19 June 2014

Child Safety Week; how safe is your house?

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Child Safety Week is an annual campaign by the Child Accident Prevention Trust to raise awareness of the risks and hazards that can be caused to children and how to prevent them. Child Safety Week commences on the 23rd June until 29th June and with this in mind, I have been asked to share a post about it on behalf of Betta Living. Betta Living are specialists in fitted kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms so are naturally supporting Child Safety Week with their focus on safety in the home.

Did you know that around one million children aged under fifteen are taken to A&E because of accidents in the home every year? Things such as burns, severe cuts and even poisoning are among the list of injuries children get. Most of them are easily prevented if you have ensured your home is safe and you remove any potential risks that can cause harm to babies and children.

On 23rd June, Betta Living will be launching their campaign on the website. This will include:

~A 'How safe is your home' survey -
it will question people's awareness and precautionary measures they take to child-proof their home,
~An interactive tool -
This will encourage people to 'spot the hazards' in a kitchen full of potential hazards. It's fun to do but also provides useful advice to parents and stats from the survey above.
~A range of blog posts -
~ Visual contents outlying the findings of the survey -
This will be in an engaging and shareable way.

All of these things will teach parents about the possible dangers they may have and how to reduce them so their children and much safer and less likely to suffer any injuries in their home. Why not take a look around the room you're in now and spot any potential hazards? I bet you haven't even noticed some of them until you think about it!

You can enter the 'How safe is your home' survey here and be in with a chance of winning £50 mother care vouchers!

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