Thursday 26 June 2014

5 points to choosing a vacuum cleaner

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1. Wattage, motor power & air watts.
All of these things are important as it depends on the power and suction of the Vacuum. Motor power alone does not guarantee better suction so this is where the Wattage comes in. Air watts are actually a better measure of the suction, however they can be blocked by a filter which brings me to point number 2…

2. Filters types.
Filters fall into two categories; Micro filter and HEPA filters. The micro filter is what you would find on most basic Vacuums ideal for general use. HEPA filters capture small pollutants that would otherwise be in the air which makes them perfect for allergy sufferers.  

3. Dust pick up.
The nozzle design on all vacuums can have a big impact on the pick up performance. Obviously, the higher the percentage of dust pick up, the better the performance

4. Bag or no bag?
Bagless vacuums do not necessarily means they are better than those with a bag but they will keep the costs down as there is no need to buy bags. Some bagless cleaners require regular filter cleaning in order to work to their full potential; it's really a case of personal preference here! 

5. What do you want?
Remember to think about what type of Vacuum you would like. There are so many to choose from from the Unplugged vacuum cleaner, to the Unplugged cordless vacuum cleaner to the Cordless rechargeable vacuum cleaner 

What vacuum do you have?

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