Saturday 10 May 2014

Sunsense Sun Sensible Campaign

With better weather on the horizon, Sunsense have launched a school campaign to encourage sun safety. The Sun Sensible Campaign wants to make sure children know the importance of staying safe in the sun and think schools should get involved too. 

Sunsense is Australia's number one sunscreen brand. Their products are designed specifically with children, parents and sensitive skin in mind and boast the highest factors. From everyday sun tan lotion to anti-ageing SPF face cream, Sunsense have a brilliant extensive range and are a brand you know you can trust. We were kindly sent the products above to try out and so far so good, I love the fact they have a wide variety of products so you can get a high SPF in whatever formula you personally prefer. 

I'm quite adamant about protecting Sienna in the sun as with my beauty background, I know the effects it can have on your skin and body but not all Mums are this knowledgable. In a survey Sunsense conducted in 2013, 57% of mothers said they only apply sunscreen to their children if it's a hot day and a further 32% saying they didn't think sun protection was necessary in this country as we don't have enough sunny days. This proves parents definitely need more educating about SPF and sun protection too and if kids have been taught at school, they can relay the information to the whole family. 

The nationaSun Sensible Campaign is open to nurseries and primary schools across the UK and aims to educate children from a young age about the dangers of the sun which I think is brilliant. Through entering the campaign, children can win £20,000 worth of play and sun equipment for their school so it's definitely worth joining in! More information on how it works and to sign up, click here.

What are your views on this campaign? Will you be signing up?


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