Saturday 10 May 2014

Sienna's new Clarks shoes!

I can't believe how quick children grow and whilst I love the supermarkets for affordable clothes and the odd pair of shoes, I do prefer to get Sienna professionally fitted Clark's shoes. I just find Clark's have the cutest styles (especially the girls range) and are great quality with brilliant support for tiny growing feet.

We tend to get Sienna's feet measured every few months and low and behold, this month she had grown again! She is now wearing a size 5F, although one foot is only a 4 1/2! We tried on a few different styles and settled for these 2 pairs. 

I really wanted to get her a pair of the doodles as I remember them from when I was a child. I find them brilliant 'every day' shoes wether it's shopping, soft play or playing in the garden on a nice warm day. They really easy to put on because of the little clasp and Sienna isn't able to undo them and take them off as easily as velcro ones! We got the cute butterfly design with sequins that Sienna thinks are 'pitty' (pretty to you and me!).

Then we got her this pink pair as I think they are slightly smarter or more 'going outy'. I chose both styles so they are slightly more summery than completely closed up feet but not as exposed as sandals. These are really soft but still have the supportive sole like the doodles which is great, I love the white contrasting embroidery too.

I featured them in my April Favs video, if you want to see what else I spoke about, see it below :)

Do you remember Doodles? 


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