Sunday 4 May 2014

Our plans for the next 5 years!

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Since we got engaged on Saturday, everyone has been asking when the wedding is already! We don't have the money to start planning right away and we have other things we want to do first so I thought I'd just share our rough 'plans' for the next five years, although as we know from our past experience, plans don't always workout! 

1. Have a baby
Of course, we still want baby number 2. It hasn't happened yet since the miscarriage but hopefully it will happen soon and this plan will be under way! 

2. Do the house up
This is forever on my list and it's going to be a slow process. We pretty much need all new matching furniture which isn't go to be cheap but I am saving bit by bit and hopefully it will be looking a bit more how I want it soon.

3. Have a holiday 
We really loved our holiday at Parkdean with Sienna, however, we have been wanting to go abroad by ourselves for ages, we've never actually had a holiday that's been just the two of us. At this rate it will probably end up being our honeymoon! I've actually been looking at cruises on Fred Olsen, they have some great cruise deals 2014, if only we had the money now! 

4. Get married
Getting married will probably be the bottom of the list. Not because we don't want to get married
obviously but because of money. I know you can do weddings nice and cheaply and I don't want a massive, expensive wedding but at the same time I don't want to rush it and then regret doing it the way we did. I want another baby and then we'll start saving and planning!

5. Get a Diploma
I want to get back into Education, it seems a bit weird but at college I qualified in beauty therapy and I don't lim sit so don't practise it anymore which was a bit of a waste. I have been looking at things online such as Wealth Within, it's a great system as you can study now and pay later.  

What are your plans?


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