Saturday 3 May 2014

Me and Mine; Family Portrait April 2014

I have been wanting to join in with this linky for months but have just never got round to it. We hardly ever get photos of all 3 of us but our little holiday gave us some good opportunities so at last, we can join in! 

This one is definitely my new favourite family photo, for once we are all looking at smiling, unlike most of the other ones we tried to get all week! We weren't engaged at this point which is why I have no ring on by the way! I know it looks like my hand is positioned to show off a ring but I was actually holding Sienna's hand down so she didn't fling it around and get it in the way of either her or Warren's face haha! 

This is also one of my favourites from the holiday because Sienna had her first pony ride! She was so good bless her and just sat there holding on, wether she actually realised what was going on or not I don't know but it was cute none the less! 

Hopefully I can join in monthly from now on, it's such great memories to look back on and see how we've all changed! :)


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