Tuesday 15 April 2014

Super Skinny Snacks; Saviour Snacks Box

I am what I would call, a super snacker. I looove snacking and always have something to nibble on in my handbag. Snacking has a bad name as a lot of people snack on high calorie, high fat products causing them to gain weight, however, if you get snacking right, it can actually help you lose or maintain weight.

Something a lot of us struggle with is finding snacks that are delicious, 'clean' and low calorie. I think portion control is also a big factor and many of us are in denial at how big our portions are and depending on what you're eating, just an extra small handful can add on a hundred calories without you realising. 

I recently came across Saviour Snacks, the healthy snack box that is delivered to your door and they kindly said I could try out their 'Super skinny' snack box*. The box is full of 14 delicious snacks that are all 120 calories or less, perfectly portion controlled and most of all clean. I'm not normally one for 'low calorie/fat' options as they tend to be full of sugar or nasties which in my eyes, is even worse for you than eating a full fat option. It sounded really promising so of course, I said yes and couldn't wait to see what goodies I would receive. 

My box arrived full to the brim with all the information I needed, I love how it gives you the break down of every product and the nutritional information to go with it. Very handy if you are counting calories or just a foody like me and interested in it. 

The box offers a great range of sweet and savoury options from many different brands, including Saviour Snacks own-label. Even though they are healthier options, there is no going without chocolate or popcorn, they've just included best choices so you can eat guilt-free. If you have special dietary requirements, you needn't be left out either as they also offer Gluten free, Vegetarian, Vegan and Dairy free boxes. If you're not worrying about calories and just love your snacks, they do an Ultimate box which is still full of clean snacks, they just have a few more calories to get you through the day ;)

If you're guilty of overeating or not grabbing the healthiest thing, this is the box for you. There's no weighing things, second guessing the portions sizes or scanning the cupboards for ages trying to find a healthy but yummy snack. It's all there done for you, you just need to grab, go and enjoy!  

If you'd love to try one of these boxes, get your first box for just £4.95 by heading over to the home page and signing up to their newsletter. I hope you enjoy your box as much as we did!

*I was sent this to review

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