Monday 28 April 2014

Sienna's experience with a toddler bed!

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I know a few people that have put their toddlers into beds at around 18 months, sometimes even at 15 months and to be honest, I thought we'd do the same. Sienna is a great sleeper and even when she does wake in the night, she rarely sits or stands in her cot so I couldn't see the transition being much of a problem.

When we stayed in the caravan, they gave us a bedrail for a single bed for Sienna to sleep in and I was a little worried about trying it for the first time but I thought she'd be fine in the end and get used to it. How wrong I was.

Sienna sleeps in a sleeping bag as it helps her sleep much better. She also can't stand up if she wakes in the night so tends to just go back to sleep quite quickly; I thought this would help us as she wouldn't be able to get off the bed, right? Wrong again. She would manage to hold onto the bed rail and sit herself up, this meant she was basically sat at the end of the bed but because she was in the sleeping bag she couldn't stand to get off the bed. She resorted to either sliding or crawling off the end of the bed. A couple of times I was waiting outside the door to see if she'd go down and when I peeked my head around the door, she was crawling off the bed head first, eek! 

We then tried it without her sleeping bag so at least she wouldn't fall, she could climb down but this resorted in a game of getting up and down and laughing. As soon as we led her down she'd turn herself over and be up, at one point she was even bouncing on the bed just giggling. 

I don't know if it was just the whole situation being different that had her excited or if it's going to take a lot more perseverance than a one night trial, but one things for sure; we won't be looking at kids beds anytime soon! The cot is still doing a great job and I know she safe in it, so it's working for us right now and I don't feel the need to put her into a toddler bed just yet.

What age did your child(ren) go into a toddler/cot bed?

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