Wednesday 9 April 2014

Easter with #welovebeebies

With being an ambassador for Beebies Baby Store, we get the privilege of little surprise packages every now and then. For Easter, Sienna received the cutest little toy bundle, so cute, that I had to share it with you. 

Eee they're just so adorable! 

We got the Fabric Fancies Mini Candy Eggs, the Fabric Fancies Bunch of Carrots and a Fabric Fancies personalised Easter egg. Everything is so realistic and cute, I love the pastel colours they are perfect for Spring even if you don't celebrate Easter. The personalised Easter Egg is the one item that really stood out to me because Sienna is lactose intolerant and so doesn't get a typical chocolate easter egg. If you're looking for alternative Easter gifts too, take a look at the range. 

Sienna was immediately intrigued with them and once she had realised they weren't edible (the look on her face when she felt the texture was priceless!), she had fun feeding all her toys and dollies with them, along with the obligatory chomping sound effects. 

She has really taken to them and as well as feeding everyone, she loves to cook her eggs in her little wooden pots and pans. All we hear this days is 'eggs, eggs' haha, but it's so cute and I'm glad she is exploring her imagination with these kind of toys.

If you love the look of these, please pop on over to Beebies to take a look, they have a whole fun range of the Fabric Fancies as well as many other brands of toys. Ami is so lovely and really deserves the support with her fantastic business. 


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