Friday 4 April 2014

Britain's Got Talent; Who should have won?

With the new series of Britain's Got Talent starting on the 12th April, Mecca Bingo have challenged me to come up with my 5 favourite acts that I think should have won last year. I am actually a big fan of Britain's Got Talent, I think it is hilarious and I'm excited about the new series so I thought I would take part.

1. Luminites

Warren and I both really loved the Luminites, I thought they were really different and sounded great live. 

2. Jack Carroll

Again we thought Jack was brilliant, he was young and could have had a brilliant career ahead of him (although I'm sure he still has without winning!). It seemed to come so natural to him as well and he just owned the stage and audience, that is something special!

3. Richard and Adam

I think these could have had a bigger chance if their performance wasn't interrupted.. (remember that embarrassing moments?!). Unfortunately, I do think that because of someone else's actions, they lost out on that chance of winning but again they were something a little bit different in the music world. 

4. Connie Talbot

Connie had an amazing voice for being so young and I think she should have won purely for the cute factor, haha! 

5. Francine Lewis

Francine Lewis was another hilarious act and I think her impersonations were brilliant! I really admire her for being able to do it because I think I'd be too embarrassed, haha! It would have been nice to have an independent woman win.

Who do you think should have won? 

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