Thursday 20 March 2014

Weekend without daddy!

This weekend just gone, Warren was away all weekend, from Saturday midday until Monday evening and it is the first time I have stayed in the house myself with Sienna since well, in forever! I was a little bit nervous but thought of it as a challenge. I still get scared because of the break in (that was over 2 years ago now!) but I know I have to be brave, I don't want Sienna being scared and I am a mum now so should be 'grown up' if you will.

We actually had a lovely weekend, we spent saturday at my mums and Sunday at Warren's mums, the Monday we just did the usual housework and chores! It went really fast actually and we survived, hurrah! I did vlog a bit over the weekend, I didn't vlog properly it is just mainly clips of Sienna but I thought I'd put it up anyway and share it with you!

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