Thursday 20 March 2014

Choosing the Right Destination for a Family Holiday

*In collaboration with Mary Johnson.

There are so many wonderful family holiday destinations that choosing the right location for you and your loved ones can often prove to be a little daunting. When making your decision you will need to take a number of different factors into consideration in order to ensure that your vacation is a success. And here is my quick guide to choosing the right destination for your perfect family holiday.

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1) Is your destination child-friendly?
It is worth remembering that some holiday destinations are famously more child-friendly than others. For example, in France there are many child-friendly activities on offer, but children are not always welcome in restaurants etc., whereas in countries such as Italy and the UK this is not usually a problem. Not even in restaurants and pubs. A well-known kid-friendly destination is also Ireland's capital city. Should you be thinking of a trip to Dublin, you can check child-friendly accommodation opportunities online thanks to platforms like, that will give you the possibility to read all reviews submitted by other families that have already stayed there.

2) What will the weather be like?
You should always consider aspects such as the weather, travelling times and time zones when booking a family holiday. Very high temperatures or heavy rain can make travelling with children a lot more challenging. In the same way that long journeys and vastly different time zones can be uncomfortable and exhausting for young children.

3) Are there any safety concerns to be considered?
When choosing your family holiday destination you should always consider the impact of safety concerns such as unclean water and food hygiene. These factors can make preparing baby bottles and providing your children with nutritious meals much more difficult. In the same way that, although exciting, an African safari may not be the best option as there are few secure areas where young children can play safely.

4) Will there be enough activities to keep the kids entertained?
Before booking your holiday you should always do some research beforehand in order to determine whether or not there will be enough fun activities to keep the kids entertained. Cities with theme parks such as Disneyland or LEGOLAND are always great options, alongside destinations with large open spaces to play games and explore the natural world. Some of the best theme parks in the UK are listedon this website. Cities famed solely for their museums and architecture are not likely to appeal to the very young.

By asking yourselves these four key questions, you will be well on the way to choosing the perfect destination for an unforgettable family holiday. Just remember to plan ahead in order to make plenty of time for fabulous family fun and relaxation.

Where will you be going this year?

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