Sunday 23 March 2014

Pesto chicken with Mccain Jacket potatoes

I love jacket potatoes and I always have done. Topped with tuna, prawns, chicken… anything goes with me! The other day Sienna and I tried out these McCain Ready Baked Jackets, I must admit we normally go for sweet potatoes however Sienna has got used to them and when we go out, they rarely do sweet potatoes leaving us a bit stuck. 

I hoped that with these ingredients from Tesco, I could rustle up something yummy and Sienna would love it and eventually eat potatoes or chips when we are out. We went for Pesto Chicken with spinach as it is something we have never tried, even though I love pesto!

 I popped the potatoes in the microwave which only take around 5 minutes and then shredded the cooked chicken and mixed with some pesto. Simple as that! When my potatoes were done I topped them with a bit of butter and cheese so that it melted and then the chicken pesto on top of that. I added the spinach just to the side as I like to keep fruit, veg and salad as raw as possible to get the goodness from them! It literally took me minutes to get lunch on the table which is a bonus when you have a hungry toddler hanging off your legs!

Sienna enjoyed hers and it made a nice change for me. We were definitely impressed with these McCain ready baked jackets and they certainly took the stress and time out of our meal time, so no need to hire executive catering!


Have you tried these?

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