Friday 28 March 2014

What I Wore #2


I really want to start doing more OOTD, I do really love fashion and although I may only get dressed about once a week ;) I thought I should start taking a few snaps when I'm ready and popping them on the blog. Of course, most of the looks will be casual as I am just doing mummy things day to day but I thought it could still help inspire other mummys or people at work or school that don't need to dress up to the nines every day. I mean who really does that?!

I live in these jeans so expect to see them a lot, they're from New Look and I love the acid wash of them and they fit so well, I also think they are quite flattering to my huge thighs! I've also been living in my Maxstar flatforms* recently, they're just so easy to throw on, not as hot as my boots and not as unpractical as dolly shoes when we get hit with rain!

Again I'm featuring this jumper*, it is just so cosy and I love the colour, it goes with so many outfits. I don't normally do big fluffy jumpers because I feel they make me look fat however this cropped one is perfect, you can still see my body shape. I think I need to stock up in a few different colours!

To add a bit more colour, pattern and warmth, I threw on this scarf* as well. It's from scarf world and it's so pretty. It's light enough for the spring summer and the colours are perfect for this time of year too. The dragonfly print is delicate and just adds a bit more to the outfit, I love accessorising with scarves! Particularly with the pastel pink jumper and blue of the jeans, I think it really helps tie the look together.  

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