Friday 28 March 2014

5 ways to freshen up your bedroom

Looking around your bedroom, you feel uninspired, suffocated and weary. The same old furniture, bedding and walls stare back at you, defying you to change them in some way. Why not take up the challenge? Quick, simple changes can completely transform the tone or feel of a room, altering how you feel when you are in it. It’s time to banish the gloom and get productive; read on and discover just five ways that you can revive your bedroom in a jiffy.

1. Clean Up

While it doesn’t sound like the most fun thing to do, cleaning up your room is the best starting point for a makeover. Peruse your belongings and ruthlessly throw out any unusable or unwanted items. If you have never worn those shoes that you bought three years ago, chances are that you never will, so ditch them. The act of de-cluttering can also be quite therapeutic, as you shed yourself of outdated memories, emotions and attachments and make way for the future. The effects of a large-scale clean-up are immediate; you will feel noticeably lighter and carefree, not to mention pleased at all the extra space that is available.

2. Move It

Now it’s all about working with what you already have. By moving existing furniture around or recycling belongings from other parts of the house, you can drastically alter how you perceive your bedroom. Suddenly everything seems new and exciting and all it has cost you is some calories and innovation!

3. Update Accessories

If your budget allows it, invest in new accessories for your bedroom and watch it transform before you. Stores such as Super A-Mart ( stock an extensive range of homeware products like rugs, pillows, mirrors and lamps. Add a fishbowl, a new photo frame or introduce fresh flowers into your room each day; the possibilities are plentiful and you are only limited by your creative cells.

4. Deck the Walls

For a more drastic change, alter the colour or wallpaper of your bedroom walls. When planning the scheme, choose your colours wisely; softer, pastels create a sense of harmony and safety, while bold colours can overwhelm and inspire at the same time. Adorning your walls with new or reused artwork is also an effective way of making use of vertical space, drawing the eye to certain points in the room.

5. Change the Lighting

Modifying the lighting in your bedroom can also help you achieve your desired theme or ambience. Bright lights will revive a drab, dank area, while coloured lighting can create a funky vibe and enhance existing emotions. Fairy lights and paper lanterns are best for a whimsical, vintage feel and dim, mood lighting can completely change the atmosphere with a simple turn of a dial. Be open-minded and ready to experiment.

Do you have some great ideas for revitalising and making over a room? What works best for you? If you found this article helpful or want to share some tips, please comment in the section below.

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