Saturday 8 March 2014

Cable & Cotton

cotton & cable lights review

I've always been a big fan of using light to create a warm atmosphere in a home. Especially a living room, it is never complete without a lamp or some kind of low lighting. These string lights from Cable and Cotton have been the newest addition to our room and I adore them!

cotton & cable lights review

Cable and Cotton offer string lights in the quantity of 20, 35 and 50 or big lamps. They also give you the option to choose from pre-selected colours or you can pick your own. The beautiful balls are made by wrapping thread around a balloon, with a special mix including natural gum and then they are left to dry before the balloon is removed. It's a clever concept and as delicate and pretty as they look, they are actually stronger than you would think.

cotton & cable lights review

The quality of them is brilliant and even though it does take a bit of force to get the lights in, none of them broke which I was scared of at the beginning! I also LOVE how they come for you to set up yourself, this way you can put the colours in whatever combination you want and get creative. 

cotton & cable lights review

The colours are exactly as shown on the website, to go with my living room I chose the tomato red, pale grey and charcoal grey and I think it's gorgeous! As you can see it I have it up along my cabinet and it just adds such a nice glow and colour to it. I love switching them on at night to create that warmth all evening.

If you love lighting too, make sure you check out Cable and Cotton and see what lovely combination you can make for your rooms. 

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