Monday 17 February 2014

Should we get Sienna christened?

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I always thought I would get my child christened. I was christened and I love looking back at the photos of that day and my mum even kept some of the little ornaments that were on the top of my christening cake, I remember having them on my shelves in my bedroom when I was in my teens. I also still have my little bracelet my nan gave me as my gift and always envisioned buying my daughter one for her christening day.

Since Sienna was born, it seems like every couple of months, Warren and I mention getting Sienna christened only for it to be push the back of our minds until the next time we mention it in passing. It just seems we have never had time to organise it and truth be told, I really wouldn't know where to start! 

There is so much to think about; church, outfits, godparents, cake, after party, christening gifts… I feel like it is a mission of organisation and with that brings a lot of stress; something I don't need more of right now! 

The other day when the subject came up once again, I actually questioned Warren on 'why' we wanted to get Sienna christened. We came to the conclusion that it's just because we were and it's the 'thing to do'.

We were both christened yet neither of us are overly religious. I understand if you are why you would want your child christened and that is completely understandable and I have nothing against it, but I just think why should we do it if there is no real meaning behind it? For now, I think we'll leave it although I still have that niggle in the back of my mind that we 'should' get her christened once day.

What are your thoughts on christenings? Do you think we should get Sienna christened?

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