Sunday 16 February 2014

F&F clothes haul for Sienna!

I've noticed recently that a lot of Sienna's day to day leggings and tops are still size 9-12 months, whoops! She had a lot of nice clothes for her birthday and Christmas in 12-18 months but I like to keep those for 'best' and days out. 

I got her a few bits from Sainsbury's the other day and it kick starter me wanting to get Sienna some new clothes ready for Spring! We popped to Tesco yesterday and they had so much cute things so I went a bit over board! 

First up, you know me and my mix and match pieces so I got this 3 set of tops, I love the spring colours and I like how they are still girly but not bright pink! The oriental design is just gorgeous! 

Obviously to go with the 3 tops above, I got her 2 pair of the leggings, the dark grey and dusty pink. I think all of the tops above will go with either of these so thats a lot of outfits! 

I also then got hers few jumpers just for layering, especially when we are just around the house. All of hers a bit small on her tummy now, hehe! This butterfly one is just lovely and with the dark grey leggings and her converse will be adorable! 

I also picked this cute collared one up, I really wish they did it in my size, I love it! It's a similar colour to the one above and again very spring like. These are both quite thin so could even be worn on their own in spring or on a chilly sumer evening so I think she'll get a lot of use out of these.

Next, I picked up this super cute skater dress! It's so adorable I just had to buy it and I think it can be dressed up or down. It's something a little bit dressier if we go out for dinner or something!

Whilst I was browsing one side of the clothes. Warren took Sienna for a little walk. The next thing I know Sienna is walking towards me dragging these so excited saying 'peppa, peppa'. I just couldn't say no could I?!

Last but not least, I picked up this coat. It was down to just £7 and I thought it was a bargain but now I'm not sure if she'll get much use out of it! I originally thought it would be ok for Spring but now I think it maybe too thick? Although if this weather carries on it will be perfect! I loved how neutral it was so it will go with all her outfits, at the moment all her coats are different colours so if she doesn't have one to go with a certain outfit, it looks a bit funny! I love the quilting and detailing too.

So that's what we got her! I love it all and I really like dressing her these days. Now she is over 12months, you start getting the more 'grown up' pieces and less 'pink and girly' which I love. I just hope she stops being called a boy soon!

Have you picked up any nice kids clothes from Tesco recently?
*NOT a sponsored post in any way, nor were we sent these items.

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