Thursday 6 February 2014

Reminiscing about work uniforms (including old pics!)

Whenever I had to wear a uniform in previous jobs, I really hated it and always wished I could have an office job where I got to dress up in pencil skirts and heels and feel important, haha! 

The worst uniform was probably my beauty uniform I wore when I worked at Sanctuary Spa. I mean it was very unflattering and I was either freezing when it was cold or boiling when it was summer time. We also weren't allowed to wear it to and from work so had to take it on and off, argh, nightmare!

Back in December 2010!

My favourite uniform and closest to my dream 'office wear', was when I had to dress similar to an air hostess in my last job as a receptionist. 

This was December 2011!

This was better than a beauty uniform although I did get bored of the same outfit every day and wished I could choose my outfits myself and switch up between smart skirts and workwear trousers both worn with heels! I am technically an 'office worker' now, but it's not quite the same working from home and juggling being a SAHM as well. Most days you can find me in the office in my PJs, no make-up & hair tied back! 

It got me thinking, if you work from home, do you 'dress up' in workwear or do you slob around like me in your PJs? I am sure somedays that if I got dressed or even 'power dressed' and put a bit of make-up on it would help make me more productive and motivated!

Whats been your best & worst work uniform?

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