Friday 24 January 2014

'Typhoon Vintage' kitchen decor

Since starting the 'Toddler Treats' series, I have found a penchant for baking. I love experimenting with flavours and combinations. It's been a great way to get all of us to try new things without even realising they are in the recipes. 

However, it has made me realise that I have hardly any baking equipment. I have the basics, if you can even call it that. I guess because I always used to work full time, I never really baked (or even cooked half the time). Yesterday, whilst getting all my ingredients ready to do a bit of Valentines baking for you lot, it occurred to me, I don't even have a 'proper' mixing bowl. I use the horrible white plastic bowl from the scales..! *ashamed*

typhoon vintage kitchen

Today, Sienna and I had a lazy day and I found myself listing all the kitchen bits and bobs I want to get. It got ridiculously long and I wanted to work out how much it would roughly cost, so got to work with google. I came across this company that do great homewares and gifts for women (and men I guess!), aptly named 'the homewares company'. They have some great value cookware and storage, I am in love with all the Typhoon Vintage items, this is the exact colour I have in mind for our kitchen, I think it will go well with our worktops and all the chrome we already have. It shouldn't cost too much but we will still have to get a few bits here and there when we have some 'disposable' money.

I also need to get a kitchen aid, I love the look of them more than anything and it would be a lot quicker than hand mixing! I think they do it in this colour too, yay! Other boring things we need are items like a new bin and something on the big, bare wall we have! So keep a look out for a kitchen decor haul/tour, I'm sure there will be one coming your way soon!

What colour is your kitchen decor?

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