Friday 24 January 2014

GHD V Gold Professional Styler Classic

GHD V Gold Professional Styler Classic review

Shock horror, I have never owned a pair of GHDs! The thing is, I have pretty naturally straight hair anyway and rarely straighten my hair, so I have never really felt the need for high quality, top notch straighteners. 

However, in a bid to cut down my 'getting ready' time in the mornings so Sienna and I can actually go out and do things, I have started washing my hair at night. The only problem with this is by night time, I am so exhausted from the day that I can't even be bothered to blow dry it! This means it gets a couple hours (maximum) 'air dry' time and then I lay my head down for the night, with half of my hair still damp. 


This has meant I start waking to wavy, fuzzy, bed hair. Not what I am used too! I have tried to love it and go with it but I have been having more bad hair days than good and just started feeling that my hair always looked horrible. Thank the lord for this GHD V Gold professional styler from Argos! Bad hair days are now a thing of the past and my morning routine is still much quicker than washing & blow drying my hair!  

The design of this is gorgeous, we all know I have a new obsession with gold and so I instantly fell in love with the design; it looks very classy and luxurious. Black and gold are just perfect together!

As well as looking beautiful, it performs extremely well. It warms up to the highest temperature in around 10 seconds (amazing) and beeps to let you know it is ready, it glides through the hair no problem, none of this pulling and sticking I have had with cheaper straighteners to leave a straight, frizz free mane in a matter of seconds. It's so quick to do, you don't need to run over the same piece of hair a million times to get it poker straight.

GHD V Gold Professional Styler Classic

It looks and feels so shiny and healthy, instead of dry and damaged. I can also use them to curl my hair if I want to stray from my conical wand for any reason! Now I know what all the fuss is about GHDs, they are totally worth the investment and I won't ever go back to cheaper ones! I love them!
 Get your hair straighteners from GHD here at Argos.

Do you own GHDs? 
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