Tuesday 7 January 2014

New Spangly Dangly Earrings!

I've never been a fan of drop earrings. For some reason, I always think of them as being for the older lady, so I've always stuck to studs. That was before I saw these babies on Jewellery World. Even the packaging was so pretty for Christmas!

I love how simple and elegant they are, I think because there is no 'bling' on them, I would be comfortable wearing these in the daytime with just jeans and a tee, but they would still look striking with an up do and dressy frock in the evenings as well. 

They have the two tone of 9ct white gold and 9ct yellow gold that is amazing quality and not to mention, perfect for me. They will go with whatever jewellery I want to wear, be it silver or gold. I love the unique shape of the 2 rectangles as well, it gives them a bit more dimension and character. 

I think they would look stunning on a bride on her wedding day with an undo and maybe a strapless dress. If only I was getting married soon…

When would you wear these?

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