Monday 20 January 2014

Beds for small spaces!

I have definitely got the 'home decor' bug this year, I have spent countless hours on pinterest looking at décor, furniture and  accessories. I think it has given me false hope on what our house will look like in the end but I can dream!

If you read some of my previous posts you will know that we broke our bed while moving rooms. Woops! I thought I'd put together a post of the beds we are looking at for the whole family. I have focused these ones on having a small amount of room as even though Sienna has quite a big room, I know a lot of people don't have that and our other rooms are quite tight for space/storage too.


I have mentioned it before but if we have a boy next, it will have the smallest room of the house so space is very limited. I have seen these Mokee mini cots around in the blogosphere and they look brilliant! I have read some great reviews of them being pretty, sturdy and the mattress being great too. At only £80 for the mini cot and mattress you couldn't ask for more!

If you're children are slightly older, have you thought about cheap stompa beds? I really want Sienna to have one of these when she is older because I actually had a similar bed to this from when I was around 12 years old. It brings back memories, I had the chair and desk underneath and I loved having my own 'grown up' space and somewhere to quietly do my homework away from my 3 noisy brothers! I hope Sienna will enjoy one as much as I did although she will only have 1 sibling to get away from ;) There is a great deal with this stompa casa high sleeper online at the moment, saving a massive £429(!), although we don't quite need it yet!

With me being very indecisive by nature, I still have no idea what type of bed to get for our room. I don't think we could go up to a king size because we have a sloped wall and sky lights because we are in the top room. This doesn't give us much width of the room and I want room for matching bedside tables either side. I love the solid wood beds from Myakka but they have no storage and I don't want to opt for those plastic under bed boxes or wooden drawers that don't match. Plus, they are quite pricey! I did find this chocolate leather storage bed in Argos but I don't know if its too modern as I normally like quite rustic wood. Argh, decisions! At this rate, we will still have a broken bed next year!

What do you think I should go for in our room? 

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