Sunday 8 December 2013

The comforter

When Sienna was a baby, she never had a comforter of any sorts. She wasn't fussy about taking a certain toy or teddy to bed with her, as long as it had a label, she was happy. This seems to have changed in the last few months. This Jellycat Maypole Pony has become the toy she clutches and drags everywhere with her. We have had it since she was born, it was bought for her as a gift but she has never taken this much interest in him until recently.

I love the Jellycat range, they are great quality especially if your child ends loving it to pieces, they tend to last quite well through the chewing, dribbling and god knows what else! We used the very imaginative name of Rainbow for him, that was before I even looked up what it was called on their site! He's very soft, colourful and has lots of long silky labels that Sienna loves. She has always been a big fan of labels, she loves to stroke them rub them and even suck them. She will often pull a piece of clothing out of her drawers to get to a good label and carry it around with her, until I find a suitable alternative!

Rainbow also has a chime in him, it isn't obnoxiously loud, just a gentle ring. I think it helps when she is in bed, if she wakes up a little during the night, we hear Rainbow chiming away as she is rolling and fidgeting. I think it comforts her as she knows the sound now and she swiftly falls back to sleep, reassured he is still there! It is so cute how she clutches onto him and won't let him go. It's like she has her own little friend that she feels safe with and that makes me feel happy, the only problem is we are dreading the day we lose him! 

Does your child have a comforter or favourite teddy?

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