Monday 9 December 2013

Magical Christmas with BHS

Christmas has always been my favourite time of year, my favourite memories of when I was a child are mostly revolved around Christmas. My favourite being the Christmas I got my first Furby! I remember I loved it so much and loved that one of my toys was 'alive', it felt like I had a secret little friend. I think it is great for children's imagination to think this way, especially around Christmas as Santa likes children who have a big imagination ;)

Next year, we are thinking of doing the 'Elf on the Shelf' for Sienna as even as old as I am now, I LOVE the idea that Sienna will think he's come alive at night and will have a little friend at Christmas, just like I did! We try to encourage her imagination as much as possible with her Kitchen, hand puppets and teddies. I can't wait to introduce Toy Story to her, I think she will love it! My favourite are the little army men, I used to love the way they moved and the noise they made on the bedroom floor. I have 3 younger brothers so when they were younger, we a million of the army men and I always tried to spy on them to see if they came alive, haha!

This video about BHS Christmas shows just how items around the home should be! I wish they came alive all the time, not just at Christmas time! It would be so much easier if they could put themselves in the dishwasher...!

Did you ever believe your toys came alive? 
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