Saturday 21 December 2013

Nursery Furniture; Sets or Separates?

We are inundated with products to buy when it comes to decorating and furnishing our babies nurseries. Whether you’ve been there and done it before, or you are a first time mummy, there seems to be so much we have to think about and no matter how early we start to prepare, it all seems like a huge rush towards the end of your pregnancy! When it comes to furnishing the nursery, I think we’ve all sat and admired the many room sets available on the market at the moment. But the question is, do we go ahead and buy it as a set or should we buy it separately? Money can be tight when preparing to bring a baby into the world so it is important to economise wherever possible so these things are important to consider.

If you’re into everything matching, then buying a room set would be the ideal option for you and your baby. Room sets, a lot of the time, can include a lot of the essential items that you would need in your nursery including a cot, a changing station, a wardrobe and a toy box. Of course, every set is different and there are many different options that you are able to choose from such as colour, finish and style. If this is your first baby, then buying a room set could be a great option for you as you have everything set up, all at once, ready for your baby to arrive. This way, if you plan on having more children, you are able to use the same furniture for years to come! If you think about it that way, then buying nursery furniture as a package could actually be a great investment as it saves you from having to splash out in the future. That is, if you do plan on having more children! Room sets such as the Tutti Bambini Alexia 2 piece room set is a popular choice for many expectant mothers as the cot converts into a junior bed and so can be used until the child is around 6 years of age.
Of course, a room set is not a necessity. If you are looking to replace or buy some nursery furniture separately, this is also a popular way to build your nursery as you are able to buy things when it is more convenient and it gives you a better idea of the kinds of things you will eventually need. You are also able to make sure all your decorating is done before any large items are moved in which is very important as you don’t want to be doing any heavy lifting when you are expecting! That’s what the daddy’s are for! Buying your furniture separately also means you can mix and match so you can buy different pieces in all shapes and sizes if that’s what your heart desires! There are some amazing deals on individual nursery furniture pieces from Bambino Direct so head over to take a look at the kinds of things you could be using in your nursery! 

What did you go for?

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