Friday 20 December 2013

Changes for the New Year

The end of the year always seems the perfect time to re-evaluate your life and see what you'd like to change in the New Year. I have been having a good old think and thought I'd share those thoughts I have mustered up!


 I have already mentioned that Warren and I have decided to start having more quality family time on Sundays. I'm excited about this as I have so many places I want to go and things I want to do with Sienna. We will also hopefully squeeze in some more date nights as well which will be lovely.

I really want to try and start stressing/worrying less. This is a hard one for me because it is all I do; stress and worry. It is no good for me and it certainly won't help if we decide to try for another baby, I also don't want Sienna picking up on it either. I want to let go a bit more and stop trying to have everything 'perfect', because it ever is! I've also made a deal with myself to try and fit more workouts in, this kind of goes hand in hand with stressing less and I find exercise a big stress reliever and mood booster. I can't wait until the lighter nights come back and I can start running again!

A few changes are going to be happening on the blog. I'm going to be doing more 'lifestyle' posts, I  have already introduced our 'Weekend round up' editions (the next will not contain sponsored links I promise!) and I just want to do more general lifestyle updates or join in with some linkys instead of just reviews and sponsored posts. Of course, I will still be adding them in but I also want it to be more of a diary of our life so we can look back at it too.

I'm also going to be doing a lot less beauty posts, sorry for the beauty lovers! I just want my blog to have more of a theme than being a bit of everything. Parenting/baby is the way I want to go as that is what my world revolves around now much more so than beauty. I, of course, still love my make-up and beauty products but will probably just stick to Instagram and the odd favourites post or include one item in my current loves post. I have also been debating wether to do a monthly fashion post as well, a kind of collective outfits post from that month, just with Instagram pictures?! We will see!

Are you making any changes?

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