Friday 13 December 2013

Christmas Ideas for Men!

Christmas gift ideas for men

If you are still looking for last minute Christmas ideas for men, then this little list should help you. I have to be honest, I haven't even started my Christmas shopping yet except for a few bits for Sienna.. eek!! I will probably be getting Warren or my dad a few of these ideas so I hope they are helpful for you too!

First up, a dressing gown always seems to be a great gift, I actually got my dad one last year, I think it makes a great gift as it gets lots of use, I literally live in mine! This Poplin Stripe Cotton Robe from John Lewis is lovely, I love the colours and the stripe! It's is pretty affordable too, bargain!

We all know Warren likes a good drink but we rarely get chance to go out anymore which means mroe often than not he is at home with a can! This Personalised Monogram Beer Mug from Home Wet Bar would make a cute gift for him instead of just using our regular glasses.

I have really got into Green People and using organic products on my skin and I am desperately trying to get Warren to take care of his skin. This Shave Kit would be a great starting point for him and not too many products to bombard him with at once.

Aftershave can be tricky for men if you're not sure what they like. Warren mentioned the other day that he liked this Paco Rabanne one so I think I will get him that, always a safer bet when they have actually told you they like it!

Micky Flanagan is one of our favourite comedians so I know he would love to get his new DVD! Men seem to be less serious than us women so I am sure most of them would love a comedy DVD of some kind to have a good laugh at!

So there we go, I hope if you're like me and haven't started yet, this will kick start it and send you in the right direction.  Oh and Good luck!

Have you got your dad/partner any of these? 


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