Sunday 15 December 2013

Ava & Luc at Monkey McCoy

I have recently started dressing Sienna in 'real' pyjamas instead of just babygros. I find her so cute in PJs, I know it means she is growing up which in a way is sad but I know she can't stay a baby forever. She is turning into a little girl, a cute one at that! 

These beautiful fuchsia pink penguin pyjamas are by Ava and Luc from Monkey McCoy. They are 100% organic cotton and feel amazing. They are so soft and comfortable and perfect for sensitive, little skin. We actually put these on Sienna to travel up to the Lake District as it was the perfect outfit. They are age 1-2 and fit nice and snug with room to grow, just how I like her PJs! 

They feel slightly thicker than regular PJs and are finished off nicely with the thick cuffs, they almost feel like a tracksuit. They wash really well and I even risked tumble drying them but they came out perfect and with no creases, result! 

I adore the unusual penguin print and vibrant colour and so does Sienna, she keeps pulling her top out and pointing at the Penguins. I think these are a great alternative to Christmas PJs, they can be used throughout the whole year rather than just the festive season. If you're looking for PJs for your little one, be it for Christmas Day or their Christmas Eve Box, take a look at Monkey McCoy.

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