Friday 29 November 2013

Warren's Christmas Wish list!

So since I have done mine and Sienna's Christmas wish list, I didn't want to leave Warren out ;)  We have never spent a lot on each other for Christmas as to be honest, we haven't yet had the money! We both understand though and it isn't really amount the presents at all, we just love spending a good few days together, eating lots of food and seeing family and friends. It something we rarely get to do and the past 2 years have been even more special now we have Sienna.


He has requested this Babyliss Easy Cut Hair Clipper and so that is why it is on the list, however, after looking at the reviews just now, it doesn't seem that great! It has put me off buying it as I don't want it to be a waste of money! Has anyone's partners got this or tried it? Is it as bad as the reviews? Otherwise I'll be on the hunt for another kind!

This Beer Making Kit is just a bit of fun and adds to the presents! We don't really get to go out much anymore so this would be a cool 'grown up' weekend activity to do together, I think he would like something like this. He is also in desperate need of this Tool Box, he isn't the best at DIY to be honest but maybe this would encourage him?! Make him feel more manly? haha!

I want to get him a little token gift from Sienna and thought this cute 'Moon & Back' Key Ring would be perfect. We always tell Sienna we love her to the moon and back so it seems very fitting. I'm sure she would say it back if she could :)

So far, we have resisted the onesie fashion, neither of us have one however, Sienna has recently grown into one I have had for her for ages. She looks so cute in it and Warren said he wished he had one to be all cosy in too! This One Piece Lusekofte one is great as it isn't too garish, a bit Christmassy but could be used all year round!

What are you getting your partner?
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