Friday 29 November 2013

OXO Tot Divided Plate & Cutlery Set Review

I mentioned in Sienna's weaning journey video that we have started introducing plates and cutlery to her now. As we did BLW from quite a young age, we just used to give her the food on her tray. If you gave her a bowl or plate, it would be put straight on her head so we didn't really see the point. I did think maybe we should have kept trying so she starts to understand, but I figured she sees us using them and I haven't yet seen an adult that doesn't know what to do with a plate, so I thought she'd be ok ;)

Sienna likes to eat her food in section just like her Daddy does. She will try a bit of everything and then decided what she wants to go for. Then she will eat all of one thing, then move onto the next. She still does this if we mix it all up on her tray/plate.. She will find out every piece of the same thing before moving on. It is a strange habit but she is a good eater and loves her food so if it keeps her happy, I don't mind!

The OXO Tot Divided Plate is perfect for keeping her food sectioned and it also helps us when preparing her meals, it makes sure she gets a good balance and the right portions. Even though we try to do this anyway, it just makes it a bit easier on those days you feel like a zombie and your brain isn't in 1st gear! I love the centre ring that is for condiments, Sienna is yet to have anything like ketchup but I am sure she will be a big fan when she is older. At the moment, I just use this section for more food! The outer pink ring adds height to the sides of the plate to keep things like peas from rolling off! It's also very handy when children are trying to get the tricky little green balls onto their fork or spoon. This outer ring is removable when they have got the hang of it, so they can get a good few years use out of these plates!

The Fork & Spoon Set are chunky but soft and feature non-slip grip handles making them easy to hold and not slide down into bowls. The spoon is deep making it easier to keep food on and avoiding the frustrating game of balance, a skill that children don't quite have at the beginning. They have a flat spot at the top of the handle meaning they don't roll off the table or high chair. Even though they are durable stainless steel, they are not sharp at all but still effective, they're also a great size for 12 months+. Your child can grow with both of these feeding items and they both make the transition to 'grown up' plates and cutlery a bit easier.

I am now thinking about getting their New Twist Top Water Bottle, I have been needing more sippy cups for Sienna but really want the ones with the straw. These look perfect with the twist top!
I can really tell that OXO Tot put a lot of thought into all their products and really want to make parents life a whole lot easier. With these products they are definitely succeeding in that and I am highly impressed!

Do you love OXO Tot products?

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