Saturday 23 November 2013

Personal Planner Review & Giveaway

I had seen the Personal Planner around in the blogosphere, however, it wasn't until I went to design my own that I realised just how amazing they were. You can really personalise the planner, not only what colour you want the outside but even down to how the layout is. This is something that really caught my attention as I am forever buying diaries, only to never use those conversion charts and maps that are at the front. I'd much rather have more note space! 

With the personal planner, I can make all those changes and create my perfect planner. At the moment, I keep track of my earnings and workouts on my phone, my work to-do list in a rather tatty notepad and cleaning rota/appointments in a small diary. It's all over the place and I struggle to keep on top of things. I designed my personal planner in a way that I can keep track of all of these things easily with different segments; I have my to do list for each week, a space to write my workouts in (when I do them) and a little note space. I find this so helpful with the layout being how I want it. If it has space for all the information I need, I'm much more likely to actually use it! 

It even gives you an option to put a little note in the front incase you lose it. I knew after designing mine that it would basically become my life so that is what I wrote! 

And finally, I got around 50 pages of lined paper at the back for all the notes and lists I love to make! 

Finally, I have a planner that I will actually use and can keep track of everything. I got the quote 'Keep calm and get organised' on the front as sometimes I need to remind myself of this. I need to stop rushing around at 100 miles an hour, take a deep breath and prioritise. 
I can't wait to start using it for the New Year! 

If you would love a shiny new personal planner for the New Year, I have the perfect chance for you to win one. This would also make a great christmas present to any busy bod in your life.


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