Friday 22 November 2013

Features of our dream house!

Following on from my short post of our dream country house, I thought I'd do a more detailed post of what features we'd love to go in/with our dream house, money no object kind of style, obviously. I am a dreamer and I do sometimes get lost in my fantasy world of what I would like. Of course, in reality we will never be able to afford this unless we win the lottery... but considering we don't even do the lottery, there is no chance of that! haha!

Anyway... Of course we would need an indoor and outdoor swimming pool. I actually love swimming and being in water but we rarely actually go! I always feel I should take Sienna every week however, I am scared to do it on my own, I don't think it is possible! Having a swimming pool at home would make me much less anxious and self conscious as it will just be us! The indoor pool is a necessity so winter but I think it would get a little too hot & stuffy in the summer, so that is when the outdoor pool comes in handy! For Solar Pool Heating check out Boss Polymer.

We would LOVE a gym. When we originally moved into our current house, we were going to make the 'middle' room into a gym, however, we never got round to it and now we have realised with Sienna being a girl, she needs that room! She already has far too much stuff for her room so we are starting that transition now. The small box room is just a bit too small to become a gym and is being reserved incase baby number 2 is a boy..! It would have to have a sauna as well, I am not really a fan of them however, Warren loves a good sauna! It goes without saying we would also need a coffee machine. I 'd love a built in one as they are much more aesthetically pleasing to me and don't clutter up the workspace.

I've also mentioned before I would neeeeed a conservatory with Express Bi-Folding doors. We currently have regular patio doors but even with both doors open, it doesn't give the same effect as the bi-folding doors do. Patio doors only offer 40% opening where as Bi-Folding doors offer a massive 90%! I find they add a whole new dimension to the room and really maximise space, it looks more open and roomy, I love them! I imagine opening them on a summer day and having a gorgeous countryside view. Watching Sienna and Warren playing with giant garden board games in the sunshine while I chill out with a cider and a magazine.... told you I was a dreamer!

What features do you dream of?
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