Saturday 16 November 2013

Essential wish list for baby number 2!

Now Sienna is a year old, it is getting to that point where we are considering another baby. It's no secret I have been broody for a while, I have just had to convince Warren! As we already have Sienna, we wouldn't necessarily need to buy much, or anything if we didn't want too. However, in a world where I was rich, I'd love to get everything brand new!

Essentials for baby number 2

We will probably replace a few essential bits; I really want a new pushchair and carseat. Our pushchair is just looking old now from being shoved in my car boot and crushed with bags of shopping. I have been intrigued by the Mountain buggy brand for a while as they look just as sturdy as a 3 wheeler but are supposed to be light weight and not as bulky. My Crib Rocks is a great pram and buggie shop in Liverpool, we might have to pop in and test a Mountain buggy out next time we go to visit Warren's Nan!

They don't only sell prams and buggies, they also have carseats, bedding and nursery furniture. This carseat is a Besafe one and is available with an Isofix base. Now that I have my new car, we will be able to use an Isofix base in both cars so I think it will warrant the money this time round.

We currently have the Graco tea time highchair and I really dislike it! It is big and bulky and I have to take the cover off to wash it which then mean we go a couple of days with no highchair. It's just not practical, especially as we do BLW which is pretty messy! I have my eye on a Baby Bjorn high chair for next time, as I have seen lots of great reviews on it and there is no material cover.

The cot is not an essential as such. Sienna's would be perfectly fine if we moved her into a toddler bed. It is just the fact it is white and I have changed my mind on that, I'd love dark wood for the next baby as I think it would probably be a boy. This one is from Tesco and is only £99 so it's not too bad at all!

What things did you/will you replace for baby number 2?
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