Tuesday 8 October 2013

Preparing for Halloween Heidi Klum style*

The nights are drawing in, the weather is getting steadily colder and the leaves are turning orange and falling to the ground. There’s no doubt that summer is behind us and Halloween is well on the way. With less than a month to go before this most spook-tacular day, it’s time to get all hands on deck to make sure you’ve got everything you need to throw an amazing Halloween party.
Halloween Queen, model and Project Runway host Heidi Klum is renowned for her Halloween parties and costume ideas, and this year she’s going all out for the 14th annual holiday party which will be a spooky dollhouse theme.
Plans have been in preparation for the party as early as July of this year when Heidi took to Twitter and Instagram to give a sneak-peek at what this year’s costume will be.
If you’re planning your own Halloween bash this year then I’ve put together my top five tips and hints to make sure that everything goes perfectly leaving you free of stress and able to enjoy the festivities!
Choose a theme

Okay, so you’re probably going to have a Halloween party, but what type of Halloween party? This year I’ve taken some inspiration from Heidi Klum and thought I’d share some tips on how to throw a Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) themed party…they’re spooky and they look like dolls if you ask me.

Thanks to social networks like Facebook and websites like evite sending an invite to all your friends couldn’t be simpler. If you’ve got the time (and the creative flair) then you could put together some invitations the old fashioned way and either post or hand-deliver.
When it comes to Halloween, the decorations are almost as important as putting together your costume. For a Dia de los Muertos party you’d probably need a lot of skeleton-themed decorations such as skull lanterns and colourful bunting. Again, if you’re creative, there’s so much you can make yourself! Carved pumpkins are great, but you should leave plenty of time to carve them beforehand.
Food and Drink
Rather than spend a lot of time and money putting together a buffet of food and nibbles for my friends I ask everyone to bring some food and drink of their choice with them. When it comes to Halloween, you can do food to suit the theme, or just do regular party food served on Halloween plates. It depends whether you want to go all out Heidi Klum style!
Pick the Perfect Party Playlist
This is probably the most time-consuming job of all the party planning jobs. You can spend time putting together a Halloween themed list or just list of your favourite party hits.
When sending out the invitations for the party, it’s good to ask everyone to RSVP and include suggestions of one or two songs they’d like to hear at the party. That way everyone gets to hear the songs they love, and you won’t be spending too long deliberating over song choices!
Hopefully these five tips will help you on your way, but be sure to check out this cool infographic for additional costume tips and ideas. With just under a month left before Halloween, there’s still plenty of time plan the perfect Halloween party.

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