Sunday 6 October 2013

Oriflame Master Curl Mascara

A few weeks ago I was sent this Oriflame mascara* and I have been trying it out ever since. Oriflame is a Swedish beauty company that sells to over 60 countries online and through it's catalogue. Their catalogue has a similar concept as Avon where you order through your local consultant. They launch a brand new catalogue every 3 weeks with new products and offers, including skincare, make-up and fashion accessories.

Among their make-up range is the Master curl mascara I received and from the packaging to the style of the brush, it reminds me of Maybelline's the falsies mascara. This happens to be the mascara I was using and loving before this so I had high hopes. I love that the brush is bristles not plastic as I am not a fan of those! I also seem to prefer the curved wand for application as I feel I can get right to the roots. The formulation of this mascara is great and is not too wet or dry is something I find hard to get right with many other brands.

I feel this mascara gives me more thickness to the lashes and more drama in terms of being the blackest black but I feel that any more than 2 coats and the lashes start to clump a little. As for the curl, I am not sure it really helps curl my lashes as you can see from the photos but I do seem to get this problem with all mascaras, they seem to drop a little bit after I have applied it. I find it amazing on my bottom lashes as it really helps to lengthen them and make them stand out.

This mascara is great if you only need one thin coat to give a bit more definition and is perfect when I am doing a subtle day time look. If you like the look of this mascara I highly recommend giving it a go, it is on sale at the moment for just £5.95!

Have you tried Oriflame? 

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