Wednesday 23 October 2013

Mum & Baby sofa day essentials!

Mum & Baby sofa day essentials

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you might know that Sienna has been a poorly princess :( I'm not sure if it purely down to teething or if she has a bit of a bug, but either way she has had a bad tummy, been being sick and not sleeping well at all. I thought I would share our sofa day essentials as we haven't really moved from it these past couple of days!

The first essential for me is probably obvious; coffee. I can barely function on a normal day without it let alone a day where I have had no kip the night before. I'll drink it black or milky, just no sugar, thanks. Sienna has been sipping water and munching on these Organix ginger bread men, I was hoping the ginger would help settle her tummy a bit! We will see tomorrow.

If you know Sienna, the Iggle Piggle is obvious too, she absolutely adores him and when she is ill, he is the only toy she wants. He takes up more room on the sofa than me ;)
It's essential to snuggle up and not get cold, I would wear my slippers out in public if I could, I love wearing them! Mine are a little bit worse for wear, so I thought I'd sneak in these ones from Pavers. I love the cute pom pom and the autumnal colour! Along with slippers, you need a blanket or a throw. We have this gorgeous knitted one from Lollipop Lane and it is perfect!

Sienna has felt a little warm so under the blanket she has just been wearing vests. I got her these ones from Matalan the other day and they are the softest vests I have ever got her! I am definitely going back to get more.

Last but not least, we have been flicking through the Prima baby and pregnancy magazine. Sienna has managed to tear a few corners off it already before I've had a good read but that's ok. She gets so excited seeing the babies in there I can't bear to take it away from her, I think it takes her mind off the pain too!

Not to mention bundles of cuddles and hours of cbeebies (as a 'treat' don't judge!) Hopefully it won't last much longer, I can't bear to see her in pain!

Any tips to help a poorly (nearly) 1 year old?!

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