Wednesday 23 October 2013

A very big house in the country....!

We were in the process of trying to buy a house right before I was sacked and then 2 weeks later, found out I was pregnant. Needless to say that changed all our plans and so we decided to rent again. I've said it before but now we have Sienna I feel a bit of pressure on me to be the perfect mum and housewifegirl and to me, that means creating the perfect home for my family.

I have a long way to go as we are on a budget but we are slowly getting there with the decor in our home right now. Any 'spare' money we have goes towards a little something for the house.
 I have always pictured myself in a big country kitchen complete with an Island in the middle, baking banana bread with 2 cheeky little helpers. Lots of rustic furniture, wood floors which are easily cleaned but accessorised with rugs and cushions to keep it cosy, exposed beams with high ceilings, lots of open space for the kids to play, a conservatory for relaxation purposes only...

I will continue to dream and keep looking at those beautiful houses for sale in country. Sometimes just getting lost in the idea of it is enough for me, maybe one day we could make it reality!

What's your dream house?
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