Thursday 5 September 2013

Peppy Galore Skincare Review

Peppy Galore skincare review
Peppy Galore skincare review
Peppy Galore skincare swatch

Peppy Galore is a brand from Bristol and since we used to live in Bristol, I feel I owe it some kind of loyalty already! Their skincare products are made from natural ingredients and made using 100% renewable gas and electricity. They have no parabens or any nasties and are 'fresh, fresh, fresh'. Their brand is based around being fun, affordable and contemporary. 

I was sent the Diva facial moisturiser* and the Herbs de provence body mousse*. They cater for 3 different skin types; Normal, Sensitive and Oily. Star is the normal range, Diva is the sensitive range and Rebel is the oily one. How fitting are the names? It's very fun but still informative and professional. 

The moisturiser is very light but still moisturising and calming on the skin. It smells beautiful yet has no essential oils in which I think is great because my skin doesn't seem to get on with essential oils very well! It left my skin feeling smooth, calm and moisturised without being greasy.

The Herbs de provence mousse is lovely but is a thicker texture, just like a mousse as the name suggests. I find a mousse much more luxurious for my body so this is right up my street, again it smells beautiful and is refreshing and uplifting from the herbs. I love to use this in the mornings to help wake me up!

I'm so glad I got to try these and I feel so proud of Jessi and the Peppy Galore range! I think it's very important to support local companies and new businesses so I think I will be purchasing one of their cleansing oils!

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Have you tried Peppy Galore?

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