Thursday 5 September 2013

Fab nails with SensatioNail Starter Kit!

sensatioNail starter kit scarlett red
sensatioNail starter kit scarlett red

I was recently sent the SensatioNail starter kit in Scarlet Red to try out. I can't tell you how excited I was about this but I think my mum was even more excited, so I decided to give her first dibs, how nice am I?! haha!

SensatioNail offers home manicure sets and polishes that achieve a high gloss, 2 week manicure for the fraction of what you would pay in a salon or spa. My mum is one of those that hates chipped nails, as soon as she gets the smallest chip the whole lot comes off so painting her nails is pretty much pointless for day to day chores and activities.

My mum had never tried gel nails so I thought she'd be a great candidate to try this out and see what she thought. I prepped and applied the polishes just how it said on the instructions. All in all, I think it took just under an hour to complete the manicure but we were stopping to take photos at each step incase I felt the need to use them or show something specific. It would be quicker without this obviously.

The kit was easy to use and the instructions were clear. There is nothing more technical that painting your nails so is suitable for pretty much anyone over 18 that can paint their own nails. I think they turned out great and my mum was impressed, she loves how glossy they looked and how they were instantly dry, although she couldn't get her head around it at first as you still expect them to be wet and feel like you'll ruin them if you touch something!

Mum made it to 2 weeks without any chipping which is amazing and she was so impressed. The only thing is they have grown out so I'm sure she will be asking me to re-do them soon...!

Have you tried SensatioNail? What do you think?

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