Wednesday 4 September 2013

Parcel Genie Gift App!

Parcelgenie app

Parcelgenie app by kerrydyer03 on Polyvore

Champagne truffles I sent to my mum & dad to say thanks for helping out with Sienna*

We all know there is pretty much an app for everything these days and the app world is only getting bigger. The Parcel Genie app is a revolution in my eyes and I think it is a great idea! It's what I have bee looking for without even knowing it. Parcelgenie is the world's first gift messaging app, how bloody brilliant is that?!

You can get the free app, have a look through all the gifts which include a range of edible sweets from good old fashioned penny sweets to more luxurious Champagne truffles. They also offer a few non edible gifts such as doughnut lipglosses for the beauty addicts and the Hungoevr cookbook for those party animals! They also offer a healthy box of edible goodies for the times that you want to treat someone but they are into their health & fitness. There is literally something for everyone and you can do it from the ease of own phone, no thinking, no purchasing, no wrapping, no delivering, it is all done for you!  

The prices are great, you can send a gift from as little as £1.49 with free postage and although it may only be a tiny gesture, it's more thoughtful that picking some chocolates up from the shop. They also offer a loyalty card scheme and a 'daily shake' that gives you some kind of discount. It really is amazing  for the prices and the app is FREE!

 In 3 easy steps, your friend gets the perfect chosen gift and personalised note delivered to their door. I found the delivery was super fast as everything is sent first class royal mail and you can help speed this up if you know their address, if not, they will get a text saying they are being sent a gift from you and to give their name and address. It is so simple and I will definitely be using this in the future to just say thanks to those people around me that really help out.

Will you be getting this app? What do you think of it? 

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