Tuesday 3 September 2013

Look glam while doing the chores!

As much as I love beauty and fashion, the bottom line is, most days I'm in my pjs with no make-up on doing the daily chores as a SAHM. Not very glam at all! But bizzy bee's range of rubber gloves have been making even the worst chores more fashionable and fun for me. I obviously chose the pink options and I really love them! There is something very kitsch and glam about wearing them.

The patterned ones are the ones I have been using most and they are really thick and durable and protect my hands from hot water, sharp glass and all kind of germs! They work really well for most inside and outside chores. The bright pink elegance gloves are brilliant for washing up and I feel they have more grip on them than the patterned ones for those slippy glasses and bowls!

I was also sent their moisturising gloves to try out and I can report they are fantastic! They are still pretty with a cute pattern embossed around the edge but less in your face if you prefer to be more  understated. The inside feels so luxurious, it is soft and almost feels like velvet which I wasn't expecting! Because they claim to be moisturising, I expected the inside to have some kind of moisturiser coated on them and be disposable. How wrong I was, they feel nice and do somehow moisturise your skin, they don't leave that horrible powdery/dry feeling on your hands which personally I hate! They are latex free so great for sensitive skin and anyone with allergies. 

I really love these gloves and although they haven't made me love doing the chores, they have definitely brightened them up a bit! Bizzy bee has a whole range of other cleaning products as well as gloves so check them out! :)

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What do you think of my new pink gloves? ;)

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