Friday 27 September 2013

Mine's a Berry Daiquiri Tonight...

Parrot Bay frozen berry daiquiri
Parrot Bay frozen berry daiquiriParrot Bay frozen berry daiquiri
Parrot Bay frozen berry daiquiri
Parrot Bay frozen berry daiquiri

Going out for cocktails is not something that I do regularly these days, which is why this Parrot Bay frozen berry daiquiri* has been sat in my freezer for a while. On Saturday, we decided to take it round to a friends as we were having dinner and going out to celebrate his birthday; the perfect excuse for cocktails! 

These drinks are parrot bay's new freeze and squeeze pre-mixed cocktails. They come prepared in 250ml and are served frozen, they remind me of slush puppies! They come in 4 fruity flavours; Berry Daiquiri, Citrus Daiquiri, Pina colada and Mojito. There is a cocktail for everyone and mine is definitely the Berry daiquiri. 

It was delicious, it had the right balance of sweet but not too sour and a good amount of berry-ness. I couldn't taste the alcohol in it at all, although I'm not sure if that is a good or bad thing! Haha! From being frozen it was so refreshing and they would be perfect on a hot day or at a BBQ. Warren tried it and said it was good too but he did return to his beer to let me enjoy my cocktail! ;)

With parrot bay's ready to serve cocktails easily available at supermarkets and priced at only £2.49, next time I can't make it out for cocktails, I'll be bringing the cocktails to me!

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