Monday 29 July 2013

Bikini mad!*

French connection swimwear

French connection swimwear by kerrydyer03 on Polyvore

I never thought I'd say this, but swimwear, bikinis in general is something I have missed this summer. Having Sienna left me with stretch marks and while they have faded a lot and don't bother me, I feel like I shouldn't get them out for all to see.

  It's got to be that thing of 'you always want what you can't have' and this year, there seems to be SOO many pretty, cute bikinis that I have been lusting over. The print, the neons, the shapes, I just love everything about them and I have been tempted to buy some just to have in my drawer and look at.

These 3 I'm sharing with you today are from French Connection's Swimwear Line and the dragonfly print one has to be my favourite. I think with a tan, it would look so lovely. It's also on sale at the moment, both the top and bottoms are half price, bonus! I might just have to get this to wear around the garden or with a cute kaftan on holiday to cover up a bit more.

I've also been loving River Island & Motel Rocks for bikinis too, I'm a woman obsessed!

Have you bought any cute new bikinis this year? If so, where from? 

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