Tuesday 7 May 2013

Totseat Review & Giveaway!*

BeauBelleBaby very kindly offered me one of their products for me to review. I chose the Totseat as i thought they looked great and very functional. I like functional, especially when it comes to baby products!

The Totseat is described as 'the washable, squashable highchair' for 'babies who lunch'. Anything washable is a big plus when dealing with babies and a in-a-bag highchair is a genius idea. It fits most chairs and is ideally suitable for children aged 8-30 months and is able to be tumble dried as well.

First is to assess the type of chair. If the chair has an open back, there is a super-secure cummerbund strap to create a back to the chair and add more support. Once this is on you can attach the Totseat.

How to use the Totseat; 
1. Slip the Totseat over the corners/back of the chair. You can extend the Totseat by unbuttoning a button at the back to suit higher chairs if needed. If the chair is round, there is separate instructions for this but is just as simple.
2. Pull the cleat tight at the back of the chair to secure the top.
3. This is how it should now look.
4. Carefully insert the child with their back to the back of the chair, bring the Totseat up between their legs and the straps under the arms.
5. Feed the straps round the back of the chair and clip together. Adjust the tightness to make sure it is fully secure but comfortable and not too tight.  

Easy as that! When you are finished, just take it off and pop it back in it's bag. And yes, it does go back into the bag easily, you don't need to fight with it like sleeping bags ;)

When trying this out on Sienna, i found it very secure and comfortable for her and i just think it is such a good idea. A few times, we have gone to pubs and restaurants and they only have limited numbers of highchairs and they are all in use. Sienna has ended up having to sit on our laps while we eat or laying her down next to us if they have  sofa type bench/chair. It really isn't ideal! The Totseat now comes with us everywhere just incase this happens again. It's also handy to take to families houses that don't have a highchair but is so much easier and smaller to carry around than a regular fold up highchair. It also takes up no more space and doesn't get in the way!

Now get your hands on one!!

Beaubellebaby kindly teamed up with me for the chance of one of my fabulous readers to win* a Totseat for yourselves!
 *Please note you will have to pay the postage, sorry.

Enter below!!

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  1. thank-you for the fab giveaway. the seat comes in blue stripe, bramble, lime stripe, choc circles & denim :)

  2. Love the Beaubelle Baby Boutique! Great giveaway :) This seat looks great & very safe.

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