Sunday 28 April 2013

Kid's Start-Rite Shoes from Alex and Alexa* is the 'NET-A-PORTER' for under 14 year olds'. A global style destination for kids, offering many different top fashion and toy brands such as Start-Rite, D&G junior, Tommy Hilfiger and many more all via worldwide express delivery. 

Start-Rite is a premium brand when it comes to children's shoes, they really know the importance of correctly fitting, premium quality shoes for children.  and this is why stock Kid's Start-Rite Shoes.

AlexandAlexa Start-Rite

It won't be hard to find something you'll fall in love with, all their shoes are chic and stylish while combining practicability. Price is often an obstacle with premium brands and while all mum's want the best for their children sometimes the money just doesn't stretch far enough. offer Start-Rite children's shoes from only £10 so you ensure your children's feet and being protected and supported from the best of the best, without breaking the bank. 

Have you purchased Start-Rite shoes? What do you think of them?
*this is a sponsored post

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