Thursday 28 February 2013

What's in your pocket?

Money Supermarket have hosted this giveaway because they want people to celebrate little wins. You may or may not have seen their video where they conducted an experiment to see how people reacted to 'finding' £20 in their pocket that they didn't know they had. An instant great feeling and smile on their face! 

This blogger challenge was along the similar lines, with £20, do something/buy something/give something that makes you feel great. Simple!

I decided to get a bit creative to give myself the chance of winning £200! I had been wanting to make this candle holder for a while now and this was the perfect opportunity. 

The main things i needed was an old, CLEAN tuna tin and wooden pegs, easy to get hold of and pretty cheap. I also then needed some white paint, i just got a tester of 'antique white' paint and painted the tin and the pegs. (Lack of pictures because i didn't realise my SD card wasn't in the camera! Whoops)

Once it had dried, i used a lilac glitter glue on one side of all of the pegs. Please note, i had ordered some lilac glitter spray paint to do the tin and pegs, but i think i got a duff one and it just won't work, boo :( So this was plan B!

Once they have dried, simply glue gun the pegs to the tin or just clip them on if you want to be able to take them off/change them. You can of course keep the pegs plain like these here or do other colours/designs, i love lilac and glitter, i thought the glitter would pick up the light from the candle!

Once all your pegs are secured round your tin, find a candle for the middle that fits. I treated myself to this gorgeous one from Tesco, i have had it before and it smells AMAZING,.

and there you have it, a DIY candle holder. It makes me feel good because it's lilac, glittery and pretty, and i made it! 

With the rest of the money, i stuck with the lilac theme and bought these 2 nail polishes i had been lusting over! 

Barry M's Gelly nail paint in Prickly Pear and L'oreal's Confetti Topcoat! So that also makes me feel good, i will have pretty nails for spring/summer!

I also wanted to use this post to tell everyone about my new business, The White Button Boutique. I am going to be hand making shabby chic plaques, photo frames, bunting etc and selling it. I've started building my stock up and when i have enough my website will go live. I will also be doing craft fairs etc so will post the dates etc on twitter and facebook.

For all future news please follow The White Button Boutique on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! If you have any requests please email
Thanks for your support!

What would you do with your £20?

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