Sunday 24 February 2013

Maybelline Gel Liner

I have been meaning to try this for ages, however, i had my Rimmel GlamEyes liquid liner and thought it was doing a good enough job, so i lined this one up for when it ran out rather than grabbing it straight away.

I actually got mine from Xtras Online for around £2.99, but it is the Black Gold, not a pure black. It is still very pigmented and black enough for me for day to day though, it's a great one if you don't like a really dark black but don't want something as light as brown.  

It is so easy to use, it really does just glide on easily, making my lines straighter and smoother. It will not budge either it stays put ALL day, i only got this to thoroughly remove with olive oil! My make-up remover was not enough. 

I also love the brush, it's a great size to hold and get to the eyes with, it's also nice and soft and applies the product well. It's also a good shape to get a thin or thick line, whichever you prefer. I also prefer it so much to liquid liner because i used to find the wand/brush for liquid liner would always be covered in product, transfer onto my lashes making them clumpy when i applied my mascara. This doesn't happen with this as the product is only on the tip of the brush.

 I am so glad i got this & will purchase the black one for nights out, in terms of make-up, this has really changed my life! 

What do you think of this?


  1. I love the brush on this too, I use it with my MAC Fluidline and it's perfect! x

  2. This looks great - I still haven't found the perfect gel eyeliner at the minute. I'm using MUA and it's not great after a few weeks. I'll check this out I think.

    Amy xo