Wednesday 20 February 2013

The Doorway Bouncer

Sienna has got to that stage where she needs a little more stimulation & is no longer happy to just lie there while mummy gets things done, she wants to be sat up, looking around and taking things in. I have been known to sit her on the sofa surrounded by pillows, but as she gets older and wriggles so much and starts to roll, it's actually quite dangerous. 

I have always loved doorway bouncer ever since my younger brother had one, he loved his and i prefer them to baby walkers. I am not the biggest fan of baby walkers, i feel they can be dangerous because it gives baby the ability to zoom across the room and bash into things when they don't know what they're doing. We have the Ladybird one which is very good and very sturdy, i know she is safe in their, with strong Velcro and a clip over the top.

As you can see, Sienna loved her doorway swing and like a walker, it helps her get used to being upright and strengthen her legs without her being able to go too far. It's easy to assemble, very strong and easy to transport. It fits onto any door frame in our house so we can move around the house while i get the chores done and Sienna entertains herself (and mummy) by dancing, turning and cooing. 
Win Win!

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